The first time I saw code I was ten years old. My friend’s brother was writing something in BASIC on a Macintosh. That blue screen, line numbers, and cryptic code that I did not understand drew me in. My obsession with computers and software was born.

Now 15+ years into my career, cryptic code is exactly what you don't want. My screen is white (I’m not a dark theme guy). And yes, I do turn on line numbers.

I have another passion; I am a maker. I love building gadgets, brewing beer, cooking food and I frequently mix all of these with writing code. It’s amazing how far we’ve come where you can buy cheap devices you can program to help you do all of these things.

One of my hobbies is brewing beer. So of course I have to make gadgets to help me out with this. I made a stir plate for making yeast starters, and i also have had a work in progress automated brewing system going on for years now. Yeah it’s one of those projects as you might see from my GitHub account.

I don’t plan to stop making, building, and creating anytime soon. I have a hunger for continuous learning and exploring new things through technology. I’ve picked the the perfect career. I can use my skills for both my profession and hobby. Happy Making!


Adam is a software developer/consultant of 15+ years at Centare in Brookfield, WI. He started developing software using Classic ASP, VB6, and SQL Server. He made the switch to .NET/C# and has been developing in it since. In the last five years he has also picked up Javascript using a variety of frameworks including AngularJS and React. When he's not working for a client, he is learning something new through his maker hobbies, playing an occasional video game, or spending time with his family.

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.” Carl Sagan
Design: TEMPLATED Images: Unsplash (CC0)